TFOA 7th Annual Symposium

Sponsorship Opportunity


TFOA’s Single Family Office Symposium is unlike any other business or networking event… 

Our symposium is dedicated to the exchange of ideas and a shared commitment towards learning and personal growth. Attendance is strictly limited to TFOA members and a handful of carefully selected sponsors. TFOA Members are senior family office principals who actively engage in our exclusive family office community. Sponsors are aligned philosophically with our long-term relationship and brand building philosophy. Speakers are invited to attend based on their expertise, not because they pay for the opportunity to pitch their ideas to attendees. And we support and partner with top universities in order to emphasize our commitment to learning and education. Our Symposium is closed door, and out of respect for the families in our network, we keep a low profile. Everything we do is designed to ensure a high quality, exclusive, and high impact experience for all stakeholders. 

My passion for building TFOA over the past 14 years comes from my experience working as CIO for a large, multi-generational family office. I started TFOA because I wanted to find a network of like-minded peers who were willing to share their ideas, knowledge, deal flow, and experience within an exclusive network of fellow family office executives. 

Because of this, the opportunity to sponsor our event is not like other sponsorship opportunities. It’s not a pay-to-play system, but rather an opportunity to form real, organic, and authentic relationships with some of the most successful families in North America. Our family office community is tight knit and our relationships come from friendships that emerge through trusted advice, good governance, excellent partnership, and positive word of mouth. 

Why TFOA’s Annual Symposium is compelling for sponsors?

  1. Unique Culture: A friendly environment with some of the most successful families in North America who are all part of TFOA’s private, member only, highly curated community. 

  2. Network Effect: The family office world is a small one. One meaningful exchange can open a world of possibilities and opportunities as you are introduced to other like-minded families. 

  3. Deep Engagement: Our Symposium is about sharing ideas and learning from each other. An environment based on learning is much more conducive to deeper engagement. 

If you are aligned with this vision and want to support TFOA, please consider reviewing our Sponsor Brochure and participating in our upcoming Symposium on October 12th, 2021 in Dallas, TX. For more information, you can contact me directly. We would love to hear your story and find a way to work with you to grow your business in partnership with TFOA and our family office community. 

Take Care,

Marc J. Sharpe

Chairman & Founder