About Us

The Family Office Association (“TFOA”) was founded in 2007, as a peer network for C-level Family Office Professionals and Principals.

Over the ensuing years, a core group of members have met every month to exchange ideas, share best practice, and discuss a broad range of economic, investment, and family office related issues. TFOA now includes many of the largest and wealthiest families in the world and has evolved into a tight network of trusted friends and contemporaries.

What distinguishes TFOA from the many other family office groups is that we’re a true peer network and are not looking to monetize our relationships. A high level of trust has been built up within the group, and we adhere to a strict code of conduct around privacy and confidentiality.

The group is for education, networking, pooling diligence, selective co-investment, and a resource for family office professionals to share ideas, deal flow and best practice.

We host a closed-door, semi-annual symposium for family office principals and professionals and convene a select number of private events for members to hear from world class speakers and investment managers on a wide range of topics.

We’ve been fortunate to have experts in a host of areas from exceptional organizations across a broad swath of industrial, commercial, financial, and non-profit sectors.

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